Smoky Bay

When it comes to Oysters “Kiwi” Evans is the pioneer and visionary of Smoky Bay. In 1988 when the Australian recession was biting its hardest, Kiwi who was a traditional dirt farmer had an idea, one that would reinvent Smoky Bay and its surrounding waters as Australia’s premium oyster growing region.
Prcession of Oyster BargesJudd Evans leads the Blessing of the Fleet
The pristine nutrient rich waters of the bay provided the perfect location for growing shellfish. Kiwi’s oysters were soon recognised as some of the finest in the country and were soon winning numorous awards, it wasn’t long before others joined Kiwi in their own Aquaculture endeavour.
Today Kiwi is still involved in the industry but has handed the reins to his only son Judd. What hasn’t changed is the traditional way in which the oysters are farmed. Old school pillow baskets and a good old hands on approach to grading and sorting ensure that the quality remains at a premium.